Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Roof replacement is more commonplace than most people imagine. The trouble is that most homeowners don’t regularly inspect their roof and generally have no cause to get up and look at it very often. That means that damage can go unnoticed for long periods of time until the roof itself needs a complete replacement.

Start By Checking Your Attic

The best place to see signs of consistent leaking or damaged carpentry is in your attic. These are often apparent even if you have a fully furnished attic. Take some time to look at the woodwork. Trapped moisture may lead to mold or rot. Ice dams may have warped or even broken areas within the attic.

Check the Lifespan and Maintenance Record of Your Roof

Houses uses have a paper trail that tells when the roof was put on, when it was last formally inspected, and how long it should last. For example, if you know that your roof was put on in 2010, then it should last until 2025 or 2030.


Look for Damaged Shingles

The best signs of needing a new roof will come from the state of the shingles. Missing, cracked, crumbling, or curling is all cause for concern. Shingle damage doesn’t always mean that you need a completely new roof, but many times, the damage has gone unnoticed for so long that it can’t be avoided.


Signs of Plants and Black Streaks

Alongside shingle trouble, the other physical trait that can showcase you need a new roof is the presence of mold and plantation. Moss likes to grow on asphalt all throughout New England. Moss and mold of the green or black variety will have invasive bugs flocking to your home.

Most often, termites and other pests come to nestle in roofing wood or the attic itself because of the signs of mold or plant life. Black streaks and green tuffs are serious red flags.

Call for an inspection right away if you notice problems with the inside of your attic’s carpentry, shingles, or signs of mold or plant growth. These signs can’t go unnoticed and could mean you need a complete roof replacement.

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