Metal Roofing Benefits

We will skip the rain on a tin roof mentions and dive into what is actually getting homeowners interested in metal roofing. Unmatched durability is the top reason why so many homeowners are choosing metal roofing, but it’s not the only benefit. Here we’ll explore the top benefits of using a metal roof on any home.

Visual Appeal of a Metal Roof

Metal roofing is not the raw corrugated steel that you might see on a shed off the side of a highway. In fact, metal roofing can now look almost exactly like any other tile of roofing material. Not only does metal roofing come in a dramatic range of colors, but it can also look like sheets, tiles, and more.

In an unlikely turn, metal roofing has become stylish. There are standard and custom hues and a variety of metal choices. Choose from copper, steel, aluminum, and more. Create the roofing look you want with the flexibility of metal roofing.

Life Span of a Metal Roof

When it comes to the lifespan of a roof, metal roofing doesn’t have a competitor. Most metal roofing options will last a minimum of 70 years. Metal roofing will often outlast the homeowners living there, but it’s a substantial investment that can change how you view your home as well as the value of your home.

In the event of extremely unfortunate circumstances, perhaps the weather or poor house care, a metal roof should still last for 40 years. That’s still longer than the expected lifespan of an asphalt roof.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Although metal roofing is generally expensive, homeowners often recover some of their costs in savings from heating and cooling. This roofing type is reflective, and it reflects the majority of solar heat, meaning that the attic isn’t taking on heat throughout the day.

The Metal Roofing Alliance has found that metal roofing can reduce cooling costs in the summer by up to 25%.

On top of heating and cooling costs, metal roofing is reducing the demand for asphalt roofing materials. There are about 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles put into landfills each year. Cutting that down by converting one roof to metal at a time is a great way to have a long-term impact.  

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